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Rezone Application

  1. Project Information
  2. Is the applicant the owner of the property described above?
  3. Please attach the following items
    Attach proof of ownership or evidence of valid option to purchase a) A vicinity map at 1":1000' scale which shows the lots and parcels of the property in question and all lands within ½ mile of the subject property. This map should also delineate the land use and zoning designation of this and surrounding property. b) A lot and parcel map (available from the County Assessor's Office) upon which the applicant has accurately indicated the names of all surrounding landowners within 300' of the exterior boundary of subject property and any additional area, including private road owners, as determined by the Commission, that may be impacted by the proposed change. c) Names and addresses of surrounding landowners, including private road owners, are to be typed onto self-adhesive copier labels. d) Typed responses to attached Criteria for Review. e) Additional information, see Addendum #1 for Reclassification with Development Agreement and Addendum #2 for Light Industrial Rezoning. f) A $750 re zone application fee plus mailing fees of current postage + .15 ¢ per surrounding land owner. g) A refundable “Notice” fee of $50.00 for a Notice board to be posted on site of property being considered for at least 7 days prior to public hearing and returned by the applicant as soon as possible after the hearing.
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