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Parcel Determination

  1. Please check appropriate box
  2. Please include Subdivision Lot and Block # or Township Range Section
  3. Does the landowner own property adjacent to the property for which a parcel determination is being requested?
  4. Additional Information: The following information is required to be submitted with the request for a parcel determination:
    1. The recorded deeds for the property as of April 14, 1977, the effective date of the County zoning and subdivision ordinances. 2. All other deeds transferring title of the property from the deed of record as of April 14, 1977, up to and including the current recorded deed. Assemble all deeds in date order and indicate the tax lot numbers or parcel numbers they refer to. 3. Map of the property in sufficient detail to determine property location relative to surrounding properties. The Assessor’s office located on the first floor of the Annex Building can assist you in obtaining parcel maps. The Assessor’s office can be reached at (208) 788-5535. 4. Indicate on parcel map those parcels that have been developed. 5. Parcel Determination fee of $175.00 by Blaine County Resolution #2010-61. Based upon a particular situation, additional information may be required by the Administrator to render a decision on the parcel determination.
  5. Acknowledgement
    The undersigned certifies that (s)he is the owner or authorized representative of the land in question and that (s)he has filed this application to the best of his/her knowledge. Furthermore, the undersigned has assembled and organized the required submittal materials to facilitate the processing of this request.
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