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Approach and Encroachment Permit Requests

Return page one (1) of the permit and supporting documentation, i.e., traffic control plan, maps, specs/plans, pictures, and sketches on paper no larger than 8x11" in size. Expect a 1-2 week turnaround on permit processing. Plan your project accordingly, as work is not allowed until your permit request has been approved and you have received your approval confirmation.

The Road & Bridge Manager or County Engineer may request to look at the original plans if necessary. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Blaine County Administrative Services at 208-727-7221.

Completed forms shall be submitted to Blaine County Administrative Services located on the third floor of the Old Courthouse at 206 1st Avenue, Suite 306 in Hailey, or you may email them to Administration Services.

Click here for Approach and Encroachment Permit Application

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Build to County Standards 

Permit Conditions
Approaches – Standard Drawing
Rural Major Access – Standard Drawing
Rural Minor Access/Residential – Standard Drawing
Agricultural Access – Standard Drawing
Improved Access – Standard Drawing
Recreational Access – Standard Drawing
Private Road with Public Access – Standard Drawing
Rural Drywell – Standard Drawing
Underground Utilities - Standard Drawing
Road Cut and Patch - Standard Drawing