Funded Projects

Completed and Current Projects Map


  • Flat Top Ranch Conservation Easement -  Documents

The Flat ToFlat Top Ranch Conservation Easement Farmland Photo (PDF)p Ranch is a 1,114 acre conservation easement which was the first project funded through the Land, Water and Wildlife program. Blaine County and The Nature Conservancy of Idaho each contributed 50% of the funds for the easement acquisition. The project helps protect one of the longest pronghorn migration routes in the country, and will protect fish habitat and water quality in the Little Wood River, and preserve working agricultural lands.  

The conservation easement protects two parcels of land located at the confluence of Muldoon Creek and the Little Wood River, east of Bellevue and north of Carey.


  • Bar B Ranch Conservation Easement - Documents

County Road Access Photo (JPG)The Bar B Ranch Conservation Easement is a 732-acre conservation easement on the Bar B Ranch owned by Jim and Susan Barton. The Ranch is located 10 miles north of the town of Carey, in southeast Blaine County. The easement protects land for raptors, songbirds, sage thrasher, pronghorn antelope, elk, deer, and many others. This area has also been identified as important habitat for sage grouse.

Blaine County granted $140,000 or 37% of the funds, the Farm and Ranch Protection Program of the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service provided $190,000, and The Nature Conservancy of Idaho contributed $50,000.  


Loving Creek2The Land, Water, and Wildlife Levy provided the funds to Trout Unlimited to pay for fifty percent of the cost of constructing a fish ladder and bypass channel on Loving Creek located on Loving Creek Rach along Highway 20 near Picabo.  

  • Beaver Creek Fire Burn Area Re-Seeding - Resolution

The Idaho Conservation League in partner the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Lufkin Family Foundation contributed money to supplement to the Land, Water & Wildlife allocation for a total of $75,000.00 for reseeding the area of the Beaver Creek Fire. This money was for the cost of providing an upgraded native, wildlife friendly seed mix to be aerially distributed on approximately 4,900 acres of U.S. Forest Service Land within Blaine County.


  • Molyneux Family Legacy Project - Four Conservation Easements

Funds from the Land, Water and Wildlife Levy were disbursed to The Wood River Land Trust to support the purchase of multiple conservation easements on portions of land owned by members of the Molyneux family.


The Land, Water and Wildlife Levy funded thirty-seven percent (37%) of the total cost of constructing fourteen stack yards to protect stored crops from elk and mule deer depredation on private lands, in order to encourage elk and mule deer to travel to and utilize winter range.

Deer Creek 4The Deer Creek Watershed, located northwest of Hailey, was badly damaged during the 2013 Beaver Creek fire and subsequent heavy rains. This project restored stream, riparian and floodplain resources along Deer Creek; realigned a portion of Deer Creek road out of the floodplain; aided in the restoration of upland vegetation; treated invasive plant species; supported recreational improvements including trails and dispersed campgrounds; facilitated long-term access into the Deer Creek watershed; and planted whitebark pine seedlings, an Endangered Species Act candidate species, to accelerate regeneration of stands burned in the 2013 Beaver Creek wildfire.


Howard PreserveThis project helped fund the expansion of Howard Preserve from 12.57 acres to 36.2 acres. The Preserve protects riparian and wildlife habitat, provides opportunities for passive recreation such as hiking, bird watching and fishing, and offers a quiet space to enjoy nature. The Preserve is permanently protected with a perpetual conservation easement.

Rock Creek 2Restoration of the upper diversion, upper reconnections, and middle diversion and treating noxious weeds as part of improving water quantity and quality, wildlife habitat and other conservation values in Rock Creek and nearby areas within Rock Creek Ranch.


  • Idaho Fish and Game Pronghorn Study - Documents

The Pronghorn-US20 Interaction Study researches pronghorn migration corridors and crossings along US 20 and is a key component to the goal of protecting and preserving wildlife movement and seasonal migration corridors in Idaho.


  • Colorado Preserve Pollinator Initiative - Documents

The creation of pollinator Islands in a 12-acre meadow within the Colorado Gulch Preserve, to address global decline in pollinator species populations resulting from habitat loss in a state with over 400 species of pollinators.

  •  SNRA - Wood River Watershed, Restoration Project - Documents  

Restore fish and wildlife habitat within the Big Wood River watershed by rehabilitating unnecessary roads and managing dispersed camping. 

Request of funds to increase growing space, extend growing season, and enhance retail space at Itty Bitty Farms.

Request of funds to transition two acres from existing alfalfa/grass hay production to annual vegetable production using precision agriculture at Lookout Farm


  • Colorado Gulch Stream  Restoration - Documents

Restoration at Colorado Gulch, consisting of removing old bridge abutments, rip rap, and bridge approach material, reconnecting an historic side channel to Increase fish habitat and provide habitat diversity, and bank stabilization

Wolf depredation - We will work in partnership with Blaine County, the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, and the Wood River Wolf Project in fostering a non-lethal approach to preventing domestic sheep and wolf mortality. Emphasis will be on the Ketchum Ranger District, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and other areas within Blaine County south of Galena Summit. Adjustments can be made to routing or bedding as the need arises to head off problems. 

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