Jury Service

Jurors in Blaine County are comprised of registered voters and drivers. Six hundred (600) jurors are pulled to serve on both Magistrate and District Court trials for a 2 month term to service. Potential jurors receive a qualification form along with service information. 

Once qualified, jurors are mailed a summons when called to serve on trials during their term. Jurors can request a one-time postponement of their service to a later term if needed. Jurors can only be excused from service for medical reasons or if they meet one of the disqualifications listed on the form.

To check on your jury service, please call the recorded message at 208-788-5529 or email the Jury Commissioner jury@co.blaine.id.us. If you receive a summons to appear at a specific trial, call the night before as trials are frequently vacated. All other questions can be directed to our office.

 To submit your questionnaire electronically please click on the following link: https://jury.idaho.gov/mobileWelcome.aspx

You will NEED your juror number and your date of birth to begin.